A bad investment

Almost every time I buy a battery for our marijuana vape pen, I try to go to the medical mairjuna dispensary.

It seems love every time I buy a battery from the vape shop, the battery constantly dies a month or 2 after I buy the item, and even though the batteries are only about ten dollars each, it’s a pressing inconvenience.

My good buddies and I went to the beach on Tuesday as well as every one of us forgot to bring a battery for the marijuana vape pens; We were already 10 miles past life marijuana dispensary in town, so every one of us had to settle for a battery from the vape shop! As soon as I got into the car, I jammed the battery into the charger. I had imagined that the battery would be charged by the time every one of us arrived at the beach, however the light was still flashing red. I could not use the vape pen during our trip to the beach as well as I was totally bummed out. I spent ten bucks on the marijuana vape pen battery, as well as I was determined to get my cash back. When every one of us left the beach, I decided to stop at the vape shop. I went inside with the battery as well and the store manager tried to tell me that I bought items somewhere else. I still had the receipt in our pocket as well as he was ready to apologize when I presented the proof with a time stamp, but he tried to tell me that they don’t have a refund policy, however it wasn’t printed on the receipt. She finally gave up as well as refunded the currency I spent on the faulty equipment.

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