A lot of music havens were closed down

My town council is notably conservative like the rest of our state.

Our local tunes scene was eradicated by noise ordinance laws.

They restricted all noise in bars and clubs so low that it made it impossible for various places to stay in business without typically breaking the law. Worst of all, the local police would take their decibel meters plus would stick them inches away from the speaker cones! The law stated it had to be sound bleeding out of the building and onto the street, not directly in front of the sound source inside the area itself. It was concerned to see all of these havens for live tunes disappear in just 14 months. When medical marijuana was legalized in our state, our town tried to ban all dispensaries from opening within the town limits. This ordinance was fought in the courts for years until the town council was forced to allow one of the companies to open up shop here. It’s concerning that it’s the only cannabis dispensary that has been able to get the approval. I used to wait in long lines at the store itself, however now I make online orders with their cannabis delivery service. If I order before 2pm, I can get next day delivery for no additional cost. It’s amazing getting all of our be appreciated sativa and indica strain products delivered right to our doorstep. I hate the long lines at the dispensary and the current cannabis delivery repair means I no longer have to subject myself to all of that insanity. They send me a text when they’re on their way to our house plus I’m able to pay using an app made for transactions within the marijuana industry.

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