A nearby dispensary has their cannabis product menu in the store lobby

I love walking into a restaurant and seeing a digital menu on the wall.

It was surprising when all of the large chain fast food restaurants started switching to LED screen digital menus in their restaurant locations.

Not only can I see the words on the menu much easier, but they can also feature more information. The images and words on the screen can change and morph to reveal new items on the menu. This moves beyond the limitations of physical menus and their fight for space. The more you put on a menu, the smaller the font for each word has to be. This isn’t difficult for people that have good eyesight, but mine isn’t great and I don’t always have my prescription glasses with me at all times. That’s why these digital menus are a welcome change, even if others see them as trivial. When the local legal medical cannabis dispensaries started displaying LED screen digital menus in their store lobbies, I got excited. Before I had to wait until I was allowed into the backroom with the cash registers before I could see a menu. I hated waiting in the lobby for 45 minutes without having any clue what medical marijuana products were available on any given day. These new digital cannabis product menus are easy to read and have vibrant colors that exhibit good visual contrast. I told the dispensary representative how much I loved their new menus, but they weren’t as excited as I was. I wonder if I was the first person to mention the new digital menus in the legal medical cannabis dispensary.


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