COVID changed up my concert plans

I had tickets to go see my favorite band in concert, it would have been the fourth time I saw them perform live.

  • Of course the pandemic squashed the whole tour, so I had to settle for them doing a free live show online.

And it was good, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing like seeing a show live, in my book. I remember the first time I saw them live, I was still in high school, just turned 16. It was a revelatory night for me, for a few different reasons. More than the music, it was the night I discovered cannabis, and how incredible it could be. The band had just started playing, and I caught a whiff of the most pungent smoke, which I then learned was marijuana smoke. I knew the scent, and I realized with a thunderclap that my dad was a marijuana smoker, and that old wooden pipe he smoked was filled with pot! The show itself was amazing, and made me fall in love with live shows, but I also went home that very night and pinched some marijuana from my dad’s stash to try it myself. I got to thinking about that a lot lately, so when I watched this online concert the other night I invited my dad over to smoke marijuana and watch it with me. Back then I had to nip little nugs from his cannabis supply, but these days we both shop at the same dispensary, so I can be the one who packs the bowls for us!

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