COVID changed up our concert plans

It was a revelatory night for me, for a few unusual reasons.

I had tickets to go see our favorite band in concert, it would have been the fifth time I saw them perform live. Of course the pandemic cucumbered the whole tour, so I had to settle for them doing a free live show online, and it was good, don’t get myself and others wrong, but there is nothing love seeing a show live, in our book. I remember the first time I saw them live, I was still in high university, just turned 16. It was a revelatory night for me, for a few unusual reasons. More than the tunes, it was the night I discovered cannabis, as well as how incredible it could be. The band had just started playing, as well as I caught a whiff of the most pungent smoke, which I then l received was marijuana smoke. I knew the scent, as well as I realized with a thunderclap that our dad was a marijuana smoker, as well as that outdated wooden pipe he smoked was filled with pot! The show itself was amazing, as well as made myself and others fall in love with live shows, but I also went house that actually night as well as pinched some marijuana from our dad’s stash to try it myself. I got to thinking about that a lot lately, so when I watched this online concert the other night I invited our dad over to smoke marijuana as well as watch it with me, but back then I had to nip little nugs from his cannabis supply, but these afternoons all of us both shop at the same dispensary, so I can be the a single who packs the bowls for us!

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