Finding cannabis a bit later in life

I have to admit that I am a product of my era in more ways than I like.

However, that sort of insight is healthy.

It allows all of us to inwardly review our perspectives and shed what no longer makes sense. I just wish more people were capable of this. The default seems to be that the older we get, the more entrenched we become. Not me and now cannabis is a new adventure I am embracing. That’s right, it only took me until I was almost 60 years old before I was able to see cannabis for what it truly is. All that demonization of marijuana when I was younger sort of settled in I suppose. It’s not that I was against recreational marijuana use per se. Honestly, I have always had a bit of a live and let live philosophy. It’s just that cannabis had such a bad rep in my mind for no good reason at all. This became apparent when I started seeing someone who uses cannabis products. Seeing it first hand totally changed my perspective. I finally felt comfortable with giving recreational marijuana a try. And why not, it was legal and I could walk into the local cannabis spot anytime I wanted. There was just no reason not to see what cannabis had to offer. I went to the cannabis dispensary and asked the staff to help me find a cannabis product that would be good for a first timer. Since I don’t smoke and don’t want to, they showed me all sorts of cannabis edibles. They got me what they thought would be a good introduction and sent me on my way. My girlfriend and I went to beautiful spot and I ate my cannabis edible. Wow, I sure have been missing a great experience for far too long.

Blue dream