Girl Scout Cookies is the parent for one of my favorite indica strains

I am a huge fan of indica cannabis strains.

Since I spend most of my workdays running around the city making deliveries, I need lots of caffeine to keep me going.

But by the time I get for the night, I need something to help me wind down to some degree. I’m not much of an alcohol person, otherwise I’d probably have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. It was in college where I tried alcohol and marijuana for the first time, and it was within the same month during the first semester of my freshman year. My friends loved to drink, but I preferred the effects I get from smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower buds. Whenever I could get hashish on rare instances, I loved that as well. With my love of cannabis, I’ve always tended to favor the sedating indica strains. If I worked from home I might use stimulating sativa strains during my work hours, but until that time comes I will stick to medicating with cannabis indica after I get home from work for the night. The indica strains from the cannabis dispensary are perfect for my needs. My newest favorite indica strain is called Wookie Girl. Its parent strains are Girl Scout Cookies and an indica called The White. It’s a phenomenal strain and it tastes like cookies and berries. I can see myself buying lots of Wookie Girl, especially knowing how much I love the Girl Scout Cookies strain in general. Wookie Girl gives me relaxing effects without immediately putting me to sleep like other indicas.


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