Glad that I learned about medical cannabis for pets with anxiety problems

Have you ever had a pet that was completely afraid of thunder? I had a pet a single time whose name happened to be Duchess; she was so frightened of thunder that it was basically impossible to help her.

I live in the Southeast, and it thunders and rains basically every single day during the summer months.

Then duchess would get so frightened that she would easily freak out. There was a time when I came home from my task to discover that she had pulled up all of the wall-to-wall carpeting. One time, I came home to see that she had run away. She basically had chewed through the back door in an attempt to hide, I guess, from the thunder. We basically had to go hunting for her all over the locale. In those days, there was not much the vet could do to help us! Nowadays, though, legal cannabis products are available for your pets. I’m not saying that you should supply your pet legal marijuana if there is no reason; it is not a nice plan for anyone or any pet to be “drugged up” if there isn’t a good reason. However, medical marijuana has been shown to help a great deal with anxiety, and so numerous pets are upset about thunder and other scary noises. You can even get medical marijuana pet biscuits to use on the Fourth of July with all the alarming fireworks. I have been going to the online cannabis store to get my pet legal medical cannabis so that I am able to take my pet for numerous walks separate from her going insane if we happen to see another dog walking down the sidewalk. Other pets are her main fear, and I am grateful for the trainer I have employed to help myself and others and the companies that use medical cannabis to help these suffering pets.



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