I exclusively buy cannabis flower products at weed dispensaries

My budget every week is fairly tight with all of my expenses.

It seems like the cost of living is always going up faster than average wages for people like myself.

Rent is increasing each year, gas prices are slowly going up, and inflation has altered one’s buying power at the grocery store significantly. Having to live without a strict budget seems like a luxury to me now, but for years that’s how I operated. When you live by yourself and only have expenses for one single person, it’s easier to live freely without a written budget. But those days are over. My friends like to spend freely and loosely with their cash at the medical marijuana dispensary. They’ll buy grams of live rosin for $90 that last them a single week of regular use. I’ll buy eighths of flower products for a fraction of that cost, and they always seem to last a lot longer as well. And whenever I’m exclusively using cannabis flower products, I feel more medical relief every time I take a dose. It’s frustrating when the local dispensaries run out of flower products faster than anything else. I’m not the only one who is scrimping pennies trying to simply afford the right to use medical marijuana like my physician intends. I have to make online orders right after the medical marijuana dispensary gets their new orders each week. I’ll make an online order of my favorite cannabis flower strains and will have the store ready them for pickup sometime that day or the day after. This is how I manage to afford medical cannabis despite my financial instability.

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