I prefer getting cannabis tinctures opposed to vaporizer pens

There are six different legal cannabis dispensaries in my city alone. Before we even had a chance to vote on a legal cannabis law to allow marijuana cultivation and sales in our state, I figured it would be years before we got to the place where we are currently. And if I was being overly optimistic one day, I might have accepted the possibility of legal weed in the near future, but I assumed at best there would be one dispensary in my city. Even then, I figured that the city would ban dispensaries and there might be one off the edge of the highway somewhere outside the city limits. Now that there are six different legal cannabis dispensaries in my city alone, I am completely shocked by how fast things have evolved. We went from having strict drug law enforcement to enjoying the benefit of there being legal recreational marijuana dispensaries in every city throughout the state. Sometimes I’m at a loss of what cannabis dispensary I should visit when I’m just looking for basic flower products or marijuana tinctures. Two of the cannabis dispensaries are known for their high quality cannabis concentrates while the others tend to have better flower buds of both indica and sativa cannabis strains. My roommate buys the cannabis vaporizer pens that contain marijuana distillate. They’re usually potent with more than 70% of THC inside. I prefer getting cannabis tinctures from the dispensary opposed to the expensive vaporizer pens. The cannabis tinctures are cheaper and last longer. I’m also not a huge fan of the THC rush that you get when taking a hit off a cannabis distillate vaporizer pen.


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