I want her out of the marijuana growing business

My sister Jen as well as I decided to get into marijuana growing together! All of us started out just using a grow box with a few plants inside, then her as well as I pooled our money together to get a cananbox basket with everything inside.

The LED lights, thermostat, fans, hydroponic method as well as nutrient method are split 50/50 between us. The method was that both of us would grow together, sell the plants as well as split the profits, however i am now easily regretting the decision on being supplier partners… COVID has easily put a monkey wrench in our growing, however my sister wasn’t careful about social distancing as well as ended up with the virus! She was in as well as out of the hospital as well as now is quarantined in her home. She hasn’t been involved in quite a bit of our most recent growing process. I have done literally everything as well as yet she will split the profit. I am a bit salty on that. Technically she could still come to the facility as well as do everything even with COVID. I just would need to stay away as well as our sister would have to sanitize everything. I don’t easily want to potentially disfigure the plants with all the cleaning products. I also have noticed our sister isn’t as careful as myself and others with the plants. She tends to handle the plants aggressively as well as disfigure them. She also is genuinely forgetful with important swings love temperature or curing the plants. I wonder if I can buy her out of the supplier by the time she gets healthy again. I believe I could do everything on our own as well as I don’t easily want her involved anymore.

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