It was my favorite project

This new CBD hemp company has a grow condo next to their CBD extraction lab.

I’m surprised that I ended up working as a news writer. I never went to journalism school and instead I was an intern with a newspaper in my city. When I attended college, I had a loose major in political and the social sciences, although it wasn’t a certain journalism route, it’s straight-forward to see how I benefited from my weird undergraduate education. I like what I do on a day to day basis, and I crave meeting people from the area and telling their stories. Even though I’m sent on more assignments than most reporters can deal with, there’s a reward in seeing your story in the paper. You also get to meet people and visit sites you never would have separate from being a reporter for a newspaper. One of my number one assignments so far was the trip I took to the CBD extraction lab about 45 miles north of our city. This company grows cannabis hemp strains, which only are different from normal cannabis in THC amounts. A breaking of hemp looks just like typical cannabis, but hemp has to contain less than 0.4% of THC to maintain that designation and be federally allowed. This new CBD hemp company has a grow condo next to their CBD extraction lab. 1st they grow the plants to maturity, and then they’re cut, trimmed, and dry cured. This extraction lab uses a harsh ethanol mixture to extract the CBD molecules from the plant. I learned so much more about cannabis that day than I ever expected. The assignment turned into a fun trip.
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