Legal cannabis dispensaries sell lots of vape products and tinctures

The process of becoming a legal medical marijuana patient in my state hasn’t been easy. The financial cost combined with constant delays made the process a headache. Before I could see a special physician for a medical marijuana recommendation, I had to get proof from my regular physician that I have an existing medical condition that qualifies me for medical cannabis. Even though doctors have nearly unlimited flexibility in what they deem “worthy” of a medical cannabis recommendation, you still have to jump through those hoops before finding a marijuana doctor. Once I had my paperwork from my general practitioner, I took it to my first appointment with the medical marijuana doctor. This first appointment was $300 in cash, while subsequent appointments each year to recertify my recommendation are $150. When I finally had my recommendation for medical marijuana from the specialist, I had to submit an application to the state’s Department of Health with a $75 check. After a month of constant waiting, the state finally approved my application for legal medical cannabis. I was so excited when I visited the dispensary for the first time that I didn’t know what to buy. My plan was to get medical marijuana flower products, but there were a lot of vape cartridges, vape concentrates, and oil based tinctures. They even had a skin cream with activated THC inside. It was a long and arduous process, but I’m glad I went through with everything to become a legal medical cannabis patient in my state. I hate that I have to spend over $200 a year on keeping my legal medical cannabis recommendation from my medical marijuana doctor, but the rewards are hard to quantify.
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