My brother came home, but he had extreme PTSD.

I was surprised to see them chatting about medical marijuana.

When my brother went to Iraq, we all worried that he wouldn’t come home. We would go for a week or more without hearing from him, Mom would be in a panic. When he finally came home, we were all glad to have my brother back, but I knew there was something wrong. He was super alert to anyone who got within his ‘space’. I had read enough about PTSD in my psych classes to know what was happening to him. He was quiet but short on patience. He would look at everyone like we were his enemy. I noticed he wasn’t sleeping at night, and he had every light on. I sat down to talk to him one afternoon, hoping he would open up to me. He admitted he wasn’t feeling like himself, but he said he would be okay. I didn’t believe him, and I went onto the internet to find out what could help him to deal with his PTSD. I found several articles about the use of marijuana and how it could help a sufferer. I then went into a chat room for veterans suffering from PTSD. I was surprised to see them chatting about medical marijuana. Many of them swore it was the only thing that kept them alive. They used a high THC marijuana and it stabilized their mood. I went to my brother’s room and told him we were going to the constant care center the next day. I was going to get him hooked up with medical marijuana before his PTSD took over his life.

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