My friend enjoys cheap alcohol

My alcoholic friend buys the cheapest alcohol that she can get her hands on.

  • I only drink a few times a year.

When I drink, I want something that is quality. The alcohol “buzz” feels much better to me with higher quality liquor opposed to the cheap stuff my friend constantly has in her pantry. She gets this beer from Dollar General that is the cheapest alcohol I have ever tasted. She drinks this stuff every evening, along with her generic vodka that she gets at a quarter of the price of other brands of cheap vodka. It’s not like I am a snob or anything, I just like nice tasting alcohol with pleasing effects. I have a bottle of canadian whiskey that cost $40 and I’ve had it since last May. It is still over half full because of how infrequently I drink. I’m more of a marijuana smoker. I visit the cannabis dispensaries in my neighborhood at least once a month to pick up jars of flower buds in either sativa or indica strains. I have tried all sorts of routes of administration with marijuana from tinctures to skin creams, but smoking flower has been the most effective for me overall. When our state first got legal marijuana, it was a medical market only. I thankfully still have my medical marijuana card and I retain the ability to shop in medical-only pot stores. The quality is of a much higher quality because there has to be stricter instruction in site with growing, cultivation, and lab testing before the product can hit shelves. The recreational dispensaries have weed that doesn’t make me feel as nice physically and mentally as the pot I get at the medical stores.

Medical marijuana flower