My nephew wants me to get him cannabis

I am in a bit of a moral quandary right now, so hopefully you all can give me some wonderful advice for how to proceed, but this has to do with my nephew Pete, who I have always been easily close to, however due to how close we are in age (I am only 8 years older than he is, as I am the youngest of my siblings, & he is the oldest of his) we were raised love cousins instead of aunt & nephew, and both of us have a close bond, so when he approached me recently asking about smoking marijuana with him, I felt torn! I think for a fact that his parents do not want Pete to start using cannabis, they have told me this directly, but on the other hand, he is 17, & will end up getting his hands on marijuana if he wants to, so shouldn’t he do it with a trusted adult? I am a weekly cannabis user, & have been for years, which is exactly why his folks warned me about it.

I think if they find out I smoked marijuana with Pete it will seriously mangle our relationship! However if I tell him no & let him go smoke cannabis with some random guy in some random arena, I suppose love a bad aunt.

I think I will ask him to do some vaping with me, & we can hit up some CBD oil as a first step & see how he loves it, then cBD oil is technically legal, so I think it’s a wonderful arena to start.


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