The regulations for legal cannabis vary from state to state

It can be confusing to deal with dueling state laws from one state to the next.

Some states have relaxed restrictions on things like recreational drugs and pharmaceutical medications, while other states are strict in their enforcement and control of those substances.

My uncle has chronic pain from a series of spinal injuries that he incurred while working in construction the past 40 years. Despite going to the best rehab facility in our state to try to get his mobility back, my uncle is severely limited with moving his body. He is in constant excruciating pain, no matter what he does to minimize the pain. As much as some might not like to admit it, opiate pain medications have their place in this world. Sometimes they’re the only thing that gives people like my uncle some minimal quality of life. Sadly, our state government decided to make it a nightmare for pain patients like my uncle with getting his physician prescriptions approved and filled by pharmacies. Thankfully our state now has legal medical cannabis so my uncle has something as a backup for physical pain whenever he’s not able to get enough pain medicine filled by the pharmacy each month. Although our state is strict with opiate pain medication, getting medical marijuana legal here wasn’t as much of an uphill battle as it has been in other states. We have a large population of senior citizens here and they all wanted to experience the relief of cannabis they have been reading and hearing about from their friends and family members in other states. Medical cannabis isn’t a replacement for opiates in my uncle’s situation, but they definitely help in ways that other medications can’t.

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