The THC content in this last batch of flower buds leaves a lot to be desired

I recently learned about different alcohol levels in varying beers and hard liquor varieties.

I thought that beer and wine were essentially the same with alcohol percentage from one variety to the next.

This assumption was shattered when I unknowingly ordered a stronger than average beer at the bar last week. After a single beer, I felt as buzzed as I would with three beers. I was shocked and wondered if there was something wrong with my brain. My bartender was kind enough to inform me that the stout beer I ordered had an alcohol percentage that is three times stronger than traditional pale ale beers. This is why it felt like three separate drinks all in one. The next time I bought beer I decided to find a brand with a higher than average alcohol content. Just like I had assumed, the beer lasted a lot longer and I drank less than the normal beer I buy. I’m learning that marijuana and cannabis products are just as susceptible to this principle as beer and other forms of alcohol. The THC content can range widely from one batch of cannabis flower to the next. I bought several jars of cannabis flower buds from the cannabis dispensary last week and they left a lot to be desired. THC content is not the only factor you want to consider when you’re grading a specific batch of marijuana, it’s still important. I don’t get the same effects from batches of cannabis that contain less than 15% THC. I try to avoid those products as much as I can, but the cannabis dispensaries still insist that they’re worth the same price as a different batch that has over 25% THC inside.

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