There are websites dedicated to outlining each state’s medical marijuana rules

I’ll admit, I wasn’t doing well with my mental medication.

I started seeing a psychiatrist a few years ago after the death of two close family members.

The doctor first insisted that I start personal therapy once a week, and group therapy once every two weeks. He assigned me to one of the psychologists that work in the same building as he does. I was making progress, but we all agreed that I need immediate interventionary medicine. The psychiatrist prescribed me a SSRI antidepressant, but it had the opposite of the intended effects. Instead of stabilizing my scatter-brained psychological state, it had an unpleasantly stimulating effect on my mind. The intrusive thoughts got stronger and more frequent, and I realized I needed something else to help me get through this period of intense grief. That’s when I discovered medical cannabis. I had tried marijuana a few times when I was in college, but it was so weak that I rarely felt anything but a tiny buzz. I found a website that is a wealth of information regarding medical cannabis and how to use it for various medical ailments. The website has tabs for each state since laws vary widely on what is available, whether weed is just decriminalized, or if it’s available for medical or recreational use. I decided to book an appointment with a medical cannabis physician for the following week. They told me about the difference between mentally stimulating sativa strains and their relaxing and sedating brothers, indica strains. For my constant mental problems, it seemed like indica strains were a good place to start.



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