There is growing research proving the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana

I like to read scientific journals for advances in psychology and sociology.

  • Those were my two primary academic pursuits in undergraduate school.

I had considered going into the research field for clinical psychology, but my career took a turn before I ever followed down that path. In a fit of desperation, I sent out resumes as a college senior to offices all around my city and somehow landed a gig working as an executive assistant for a large law firm. After enjoying legal work so much, I make the decision to apply to law school. Five years later and I’m a practicing family and estate law attorney. Despite becoming a lawyer, psychology and sociology remain active interests in my life. It is through reading the scientific journals that I maintain my pursuit of both research fields. In the last few years the documentation and literature on the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana have been far and wide reaching. It is an avalanche of positive data suggesting marijuana has a plethora of legitimate medical uses. When medical marijuana was still reserved to a handful of states, the peer reviewed research was slim because of the tight hold the DEA had held on researchers studying cannabis for medical uses. Now that it is available not only medically but also recreationally in many states, marijuana’s scientific research is unlimited. I tell people all the time that they shouldn’t take my word for it that cannabis has so many legitimate medical applications, they should read the research for themselves like I do. It’s eye opening to learn how this natural remedy alleviates so many problems with the human body.


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