There is medical cannabis for pets with anxiety

Have you ever had an animal that was afraid of thunder? I had an animal one time whose name was Duchess; she was so afraid of thunder that it was virtually impossible to help her! I live in the Southeast, and it thunders as well as rains just about every afternoon during the summer months.

Duchess would become so scared that she would freak out… One time I came back to my lake house from work to discover that she had pulled up every inch of the wall-to-wall carpeting.

One time, I came back to my lake house to discover that she had run away. She had chewed through the back door attempting to hide, I guess, from the thunder. We had to go hunting for her all over the place. In those days, there was really little the vet could do to assist us… Nowadays, though, legal cannabis products are available for your pets. I’m not saying that you should provide your animal legal marijuana for no reason in the least; it is not a good move for anyone or any animal to be “drugged up” for no reason. However, medical marijuana has been shown to help with anxiety, as well as numerous cats are concerned about thunder as well as other alarming noises… You can even get medical marijuana animal biscuits to use on the Fourth of July. I have been going to the online cannabis store to get my animal legal medical cannabis so that I am able to take my animal for walks without her going nuts if we happen to see another animal. Other animals are her greatest fear, as well as I am grateful for the trainer I have employed to help us and the companies that utilize medical cannabis to help our animal pals.


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