They need backup power options

I moved to the south after 2 years of constant snowstorms ruining my home.

It’s spine-chilling wondering if one of those snowstorms is going to unexpectedly drop down from the sky and destroy your home.

One morning around the time when my husband had just gotten a promotion, I was coming home from the bank. The sky turned grey and the windstorm was brewing. I got in the car and drove 15 miles over the speed limit to get home in time to make sure my husband was safe and sound. Although the tornado missed us by a few miles, it was still a spine-chilling experience. I thought moving to the south would be easier, but now we’re in the path of water issues from November until late September every year. It’s almost scarier waiting a week for the arrival of a type 5 hurricane than it is an unexpected water issue. The cannabis companies have to make sure their growing facilities are all set for these kinds of environmental issues. And it’s not just a matter of protecting the buildings from wind and rain disfigure, it’s also making sure you have every part of your facility’s climate control plan on backup generators and with continuous remote control if needed. Having controlled and mostly automated growing facilities is essential in hurricane territory. This year one of the cannabis growing companies had their plants on backup generators for a week before the power was restored. Thankfully they were on top of it or they would have lost their whole crop.

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