Treating PTSD with a daily dose of cannabis

I never wanted to join the military, but I didn’t have a lot of choices for the future.

My mom and my dad never graduated from high school or college, and I grew up in a small farming community.A few of my friends and I decided to go to the recruiter together.

I joined the Navy and I spent eight years in the corp. My friend Bryan joined the Navy too, and we got stationed together at the same place. It was great to have a friend, because it was very scary back then. I spent three years off the coast on a tiny naval ship. We were sent overseas to fight a war and the fighting left me with PTSD. After I left the Navy, I still continued to have flashbacks, anxiety, and stress. Luckily, I live in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational and medicinal purposes. I didn’t even need to talk to a doctor about my diagnosis, but I decided it was the best course of action. I didn’t know if the marijuana would interact with some of the other drugs that I take regularly for my heartburn and high blood pressure. The doctor thought marijuana was a great idea to treat PTSD, so he sent me to a specialty clinic. I talked to a doctor about marijuana as a treatment option. The doctor agreed to prescribe marijuana so I could save money on taxes. Medical patients don’t have to pay sales tax on weed. I have been regularly using marijuana for the past six months and it has had a positive impact on my life. I sleep better and wake up refreshed. I’m also getting along with my coworkers much better.

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