We are heading towards recreational marijuana in our state

A few years ago, after a number of years of back-and-forth among powers that be and powers that easily wanted to be, the state legislature made the choice to pass a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

Trouble began almost right away.

A big percentage of the population was against it, and the law had a bunch of caveats in it. One of those caveats limited the number of medical cannabis farms, and almost right away, a process was put in to have farms apply to be the regular medical marijuana farms for the state. I suppose they were allowing only four for the entire state… Soon, those four were chosen, but that was not to be. The medical cannabis farms were not even allowed to produce because shortly after the ones were chosen, there was a lawsuit. Seemingly, not a single one of approved growers of medical weed was a minority. The lawsuit brought the medical marijuana corporation to a halt. There were a ton of people financially and legally ready to open up medical cannabis stores all around the state. With no product to sell, they couldn’t actually open. The next troublemakers in the line of the medical marijuana fight were the marijuana users. The law did not allow for products that could be smoked, and medical marijuana would be limited to edibles, oils and tinctures, CBD tablets and creams. Again, another lawsuit came from this. The legislators were thinking that smoking medical marijuana was absolutely just a way to legitimize being a druggie. They were thinking that recreational marijuana would follow up closely, and perhaps they are right. I haven’t noticed any particular issues with medical marijuana being legalized, so recreational marijuana stores are definitely next in the pipeline, I am sure.


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