What strain is the best?

Cannabis plants come in a variety of strains… There are two common strain profiles known as indica plus sativa.

Indica plants tend to have more of a sedative plus exhausted effect.

They are perfect for pain relief plus best used at bedtime. Sativa plants give energy plus creativity. Sativa strains are known to make users think uplifted, euphoric, or talkative. In order to think the best effect from cannabis, it’s substantial to know which strain will labor best for you, then when I started using cannabis always, I found that a perfect 50/50 hybrid blend was best for me. The 50/50 hybrid blend provides pain relief while still allowing myself and others to function always throughout the afternoon. Some of the best plus most adjustable hybrid strains can give long-lasting effects plus benefits to every consumer, then chemdawg 99 is a great 50/50 hybrid strain. It has a pungent, diesel care about smell plus linalool plus pinene terpenes, then another great 50/50 hybrid strain is GG#4. GG#4 or Gorilla Glue Is the perfect hybrid strain for anyone that suffers from anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder. Gorilla Glue is our absolute favorite hybrid strain plus I never run out. It makes myself and others think lots of pain relief, although I still have the energy to complete yearly jobs care about cleaning the home or cooking a meal. That is not the case with every marijuana strain. A lot of the local dispensaries carry some form of Gorilla Glue. It’s easy to find the strain on sale somewhere, especially in the beginning of the week when the stock replenishes.

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