A stronger effect than you think

I truly wish that the weather was consistent here from 1 day to the next. We’re still getting occasional rain showers from late summertime, along with some of the early Winter weather that we’re used to during late Autumn. One day it could be 75 degrees outside while the next day it drops down to around 55-60 degrees. With the on again, off again thunderstorms, I don’t guess when the climate will begin leveling out again, my neighbors don’t like it because they have an immense vegetable garden in their backyard. They grow peppers, snap peas, soy beans, kale, carrots, bell peppers, plus zucchini. If the outdoor climate is all over the place from 1 day to the next, it can have a drawback impact on their vegetable plants. They need constant sunlight, water, as well as nutrition. The same thing happens with growing cannabis, no matter what strain you are working to cultivate. The legal cannabis companies often have outdoor growing operations, even if they also have indoor pot farming rooms. I have heard that some had to throw away entire crops because the climate was so uncompromising 1 year. There was one company that relied solely on outdoor growing operations. They went out of business after losing an immense crop last year. It’s not surprising that numerous of the newer legal marijuana companies are opting to use indoor grow houses exclusively. Often you can get a better product with much more consistency and little to no contaminants prefer dirt plus mold spores. The last time I bought marijuana that was grown outdoors, the flower buds started smelling prefer mold within a week of opening the jar. Once those spores are exposed to even tiny amounts of humidity, they begin to propagate within the dried flower buds.
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