Cannabis store offers curbside pickup & marijuana delivery service

It’s reassuring to see more people wearing masks whenever I’m out shopping, however there are still hold-outs.

I don’t think what is going on in the minds of these people, however it’s clear they don’t have any loved a singles in their lives who died from COVID.

I see them recklessly endanger the lives of countless people as they brazenly walk through the stores with nothing covering their mouths. The worst part is when I see them talking loudly on their cell cellphones, spraying the entire section with respiratory droplets in the process. I wish there was a national mask mandate, as well as legislation giving law enforcement the right to enforce it criminally. Even though our city passed a mask ordinance, our hyper partisan governor made it illegal for any city & county governments, or even the police, to enforce any mask ordinances passed in the state. It virtually nullifies the power any mask ordinance would theoretically have. What’s the risk of ignoring the law if there is no punishment whatsoever? That’s at least how people in our section think about these laws. Now if I need to visit the recreational cannabis store to buy our monthly cannabis products, I never shop in person anymore. It’s not worth getting exposed to a maskless buyer just so I can get access to our marijuana. I either pay extra cash to utilize the weed store’s marijuana delivery service, or I pull into the curbside pickup lane. The budtender walks out with our bag & hands it to me through the driver’s side window. It can’t get much better than that.

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