Getting my cannabis card while down south

For the last few years, I have had quite a bit of difficulty sleeping.

I tried all sorts of things to wind down and sleep soundly at night.

I invested in a better mattress with bamboo sheets and a special cooling gel pillow. I also tried a sound machine, started working out religiously and sipped soothing tea before bed. I was still quite restless at night. I lived in the northern part of the country for most of my life and the laws on cannabis were terribly strict. When my husband and I switched to the snowbird lifestyle and bought a house down south, I realized I could finally have access to legal marijuana quite freely. I decided to change my address. I became a southern resident. I followed through with the process of achieving a medical marijuana card. The doctor’s visit, online set up and fee for the cannabis products were no big deal. I then took my first trip to a legal cannabis dispensary. I had a prescription for both cannabis oil and flower. I like vaping cannabis oil prior to going to bed. I set up the cartridge in the vape and take a few hits before getting under the covers. I didn’t really care if I ended up high as a kite as long as I slept. The strain I chose is actually low in THC and high in CBD. Instead of feeling high at night, I just feel calm and mellow. I finally sleep at night because of the medical marijuana. When I move back north during the summer season, I make sure to stock up on my cannabis products.

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