Girl Scout Cookies is a popular strain at the medical cannabis dispensary

It’s no surprise that Girl Scout Cookies sell out so quickly when they’re produced for a few weeks in each market every year. They’re delicious cookies even for the price, although I know many don’t feel that way. I grew up loving thin mints left in the freezer to get cold and hard. They’re amazing that way, definitely a lot better than having a few that have been left in the sun to get warm. As far as the rest of the Girl Scout Cookie varieties are concerned, I’m not the biggest fan of any of them. My girlfriend loves samoas but doesn’t like thin mints, which is perfect for both of us. She gets a box of samoas while I get a box of thin mints, and neither of us are grabbing cookies from the other person’s box. I think it’s hilarious that we have our tastes offset so perfectly like that, but what can I say, we have a lot in common but we also have many differences. Recently though, we were enjoying a different kind of Girl Scout Cookies. We went to the legal recreational weed store and bought a half ounce of Girl Scout Cookies flower buds. Girl Scout Cookies is a potent hybrid strain of cannabis that is extremely popular all over the country. It’s a staple that is used to generate many other strains when it is crossbred. But I like having pure Girl Scout Cookies more than I like any of the new strains that have been generated with it as one of the two parents. I heard that it’s popular in the medical cannabis dispensaries in my home state because it’s so effective at giving people stress and anxiety relief without becoming too sedating like some indica strains.


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