I love this approach over western meds

The doctor has sort of been an ever present character, running in the background in the story of our life.

I’ve dealt with a lot of emotional trouble since I was a young teen.

This was just as the early, but widely distributed, first generation of antidepressants originally became available. The doctors put me on those right away. I definitely have to say that there were some benefits to this western approach to dealing with our crippling anxiety plus depression. However, 1 Summer I stumbled on to the idea of recreational marijuana. During a college internship, I was introduced to the idea of recreational pot. Interestingly enough, that instance coincided with a large gap in our antidepressants. Recreational cannabis completely changed everything for me that summer. However, that Summer wouldn’t last plus there was no such thing as getting medical or legal marijuana at that point. So, it was back to the cycle of trying antidepressants once again. That cycle went on for such a long time with such uncommon medications that I just couldn’t even list all of them. Fortunately, I went off to a specialist and found a doctor who weaned me off of all that stuff plus suggested I actually look into legal weed. That’s when I first went into a legal weed store for the first time in my life. Life has been so much better ever since. And the fact that I am regularly using something natural makes it all the better. The first thing the folks at the nearest legal weed dispensary suggested was an edible. That was the first time I felt normal in my life since that Summer internship all those years ago. Now, I am done with those challenging meds plus a weekly trip to the legal weed store near me has replaced them.

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