I wasn’t brought up to hold down any kind of busy work. My parents worked their ‘farm’ for a living. We grew our own food and even as kids, we were expected to help out around ‘farm’. Mom and dad were what some think of as hippies. We were encouraged to always follow our dreams, seek happiness, and make peace a part of your lifestyle. Possessions meant little, and money meant even less. I was helping to grow and cultivate marijuana from the time I was able to walk. We weren’t pressured to go to college, but we did go to school, even if it was home schooling. I knew more about marijuana than most kids knew about their toys. I enjoyed working our ‘farm’ and I was good at getting the marijuana to grow strong and healthy. It should not have been any surprise that I wanted to stay in the family business. I wanted to strike out on my own, but I really didn’t have any skills. I guess I should have known where I would end up. They had just opened a cannabis dispensary in our area. I was the closest thing to an expert they had ever seen. I knew many of the strains, just from the odor. If I tasted it, I could tell you how good the quality was. It didn’t take long before I became their most valuable employee. I love my job and I plan on being here for quite some time. I am still growing small batches of marijuana and I get a premium price for it. I guess it was something I was always good at and I just enjoy the process.

How could we have used so much so quickly.
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