I work the night shift quite often. Normally everyone is sleeping when I get home. I am still too keyed up for sleep, so I head to the back door, sit at the picnic table, and I smoke a joint. It mellows me out and makes it easier for me to sleep. Tonight I was heading back to the picnic table when I heard voices. I smelled the odor of marijuana and I stopped dead in my tracks. My little girl was saying that she hoped her dad didn’t come home and find her smoking weed out here. I heard her friends say that as soon as the joint was gone, they would all go in and go to bed. I stood there, waiting for them to leave so I could do what they were doing. I hated spying on my kid, but I was the dad. I wanted to go back there and ask how a bunch of sixteen year old kids were able to get weed? I wanted to warn them of the dangers of smoking and tell them how disappointed I was in them. I would have gladly grounded my dad and forced her friends to go home instead of having them stay here. I knew that if I did any of that, I would be a hypocrite. Worse, I would embarrass all of them and it could ruin their friendship. I stomped my feet and growled about the night I had at work. They heard me and with a giggle, I heard them go into the house without even turning on a light. I reached in when I was sure they were upstairs and turned on the light. I would say something about the marijuana when we were alone.

I need to start my day with a pre-roll.

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