Let’s turn things around

One thing about living a totally unhealthy life for twenty years is how it catches up to you ever so slowly in most cases.

That was the way it all happened to me.

There was a time when I was entirely much into taking care of total body, mind plus soul. But that was a long ago era that also included the regular use of recreational marijuana. So, it was absolutely dismissed as just that special time in 1’s young life where things were carefree plus enjoyable. Well, I’m here to tell you that going off and living a healthy life is all about enjoying plus celebrating life. A healthy life is not 1 that’s going to be filled with stress plus strife in order to achieve or have some method of personal success. Wish I had learned that what provided me a healthy balance was the fact that I used recreational marijuana way back then. However, like I said, it was just too straight-forward to dismiss. Instead I admit, I have become increasingly unhealthy plus now I find myself in our mid forties and unhappily staring at lifestyle change emergency. All of the stress was often rewarded with super unhealthy food plus alcohol. Sure, appetites have their place in a healthy lifestyle, but I had no balance with indulgence. Thankfully for me, legal weed came along. Without the newfound access to legal weed at the recreational cannabis store, I would be facing a far more serious circumstance. Instead, I can tell you, I am dealing much better with our stress plus anxiety. This has completely enabled me to fundamentally change the way I live, eat, exercise plus celebrate our life.
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