Looking to cannabis to treat anxiety

My father was always a big time smoker.

From when was around 15 straight up until he died the guy smoked non stop. He smoked approximately two packs of cigarettes daily. It was odd not to see him with a cigarette dangling from his fingers. He died from lung cancer because of his nicotine addiction! I am extremely anti-smoking because of what happened to my dad. I avoid anything that I believe might hurt the health of my lungs. I have never smoked cigarettes or marijuana in my entire life. I realize marijuana is not the same thing as tobacco, but I am unwilling to draw any type of smoke into my lungs. I recently started suffering issues of anxiety. I began feeling uncomfortable in crowds. I’d start to sweat and become anxious right before work. It was beginning to negatively affect me to the point where leaving the house was difficult. I was reluctant to take any type of anti-anxiety pills and become reliant on them. I also learned that many people turn to medical marijuana as a natural treatment for stress and anxiety disorders. They have no problems with it. I stopped in at the local cannabis dispensary and explained to the budtender that I didn’t want to smoke marijuana. I was looking for a different consumption option to treat my symptoms. I wanted something that won’t harm my lungs. Thankfully the cannabis industry is vast. Marijuana is available in all sorts of forms. I can use a mouth spray in the morning before work that alleviates anxiety. On more stressful days, I sometimes eat an edible with a high CBD and a low THC content. It has been a life changer this past year and I feel healthy, positive and in control when I take a cannabis product.

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