My dad finally accepts legal weed

My father was always against marijuana use for his whole life.

He often said it was a gateway drug and that the country will be ruined if they ever legalized recreational cannabis.

Once my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he started seeing things with a new perspective. It was recommended that he use medical marijuana to offset the pain and nausea caused by the chemotherapy treatments. My father was initially skeptical and uncertain about it. After visiting a medical marijuana shop, he felt more confident in the decision. The medical marijuana dispensary was so modern, welcoming and professional. The budtender was very informative, patient and offered all kinds of medical mairjuana facts that set my father at ease. My dad took a tour of the facility. He learned about cannabis oils, flower and concentrates. He got to see how tinctures, edibles and even topicals are consumed. The budtender helped him figure out exactly what cannabis product he would most benefit from for his symptoms. It was a long debate over whether or not my dad father would be comfortable smoking or not. Once he agreed to try smoking, there was a wide range of smoking equipment to choose between. Honestly, without the assistance of the budtender, my father would have walked out without trying anything. Now that my father smokes legal weed daily, he is a big proponent of marijuana. He now supports legalization of recreational cannabis in our state. After experiencing the benefits and coming to understand the marijuana culture, my father’s mindset has changed into a more open acceptance. Marijuana offers too many benefits to ignore. Sleeping challenges, stress and chronic pain can all be treated naturally through cannabis.



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