My Dad just saw a recreational cannabis store open in his small rural town last week

After our parents split up, our father stayed up north while our mom took our sibling & I down south so we could be close to our Grandparents on her side of the family.

I missed our father dearly, however it was fun growing up in a subtropical temperature.

I loved all of the wildlife, love the anole lizards & the pelicans at the beach. It was nice not freezing to death every Winter season, since it rarely got colder than 45 degrees outside even when the weather was at its coldest. This is also the first time I have ever lived in a honest city. It’s good if you use cannabis, because this extensive city has marijuana stores on every city block. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, there are legal weed stores that all offer diverse options of cannabis products. My dad consistently complains that he has to order delivery whenever he buys marijuana back in our new home state because his town is so remote. He lives in a fairly rural area, & until this Last week there weren’t any recreational cannabis stores for at least 30 miles. Now there’s a new recreational cannabis store right down the street from his office. He can stop by the marijuana dispensary whenever he is on the road making his way back to his house. Even though it’s only a single recreational cannabis store for his entire town, he said they have a diverse selection of cannabis options on their marijuana product menu. All of us might have multiple weird recreational cannabis stores in the immediate area, however they don’t all have a wide selection of marijuana options.