Topical help with gymnastic injuries

I started taking gymnastics lessons when I was three years old.

  • I was on the gymnastic competitive team in college.

I still do a bit of tumbling for my athletic workout as an adult. I suffered a few nasty injuries that have slowed me down as I grow older. My left knee got over-extended performing aerial cartwheels. I have trouble sitting, resting for long periods of time and any type of squats. I also deal with some pretty severe shoulder pain due to all the hand stands that I did. Sleeping was beginning to become a challenge due to the shoulder tensing up. Following my college graduation, I was forced to take some time off from tumbling and thought I might never be able to get back at it. My injuries seemed too debilitating. Getting a massage, scheduling a visit with a chiropractor and consulting with me doctor proved to be a waste of time. I then heard about the benefits of medical marijuana. This discovery changed our life. Topicals are often recommended to treat chronic pain in patients. I can rub a cream or place a patch on the inflamed area and notice quick results. I can try a strain with high THC and smoke or dab to get high for some relief. After becoming a medical marijuana patient, purchasing a cannabis-infused topical wasn’t a problem at all. I now rely on a cannabis balm every day to treat my knee and shoulder aches. I can tumble without any problem. I feel even better than I did in college. I have far less pain and I am seeing improvement in my injuries. I wish it wouldn’t have taken me this long to realize that cannabis topicals are so helpful for chronic pain treatment.


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