Treating brother’s depression with marijuana

I didn’t know that antidepressants can actually make a person more depressed.

Many of the prescription pills targeted at stress, anxiety and other mental disorders are terrible for people with addictive personalities. When my younger brother was diagnosed with depression, our whole family was worried about him. The last thing we wanted was to give him something he might potentially abuse. He has dealt with addiction to various substances his entire life. I started looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals and found a solution that is proving to be ideal for him. I learned that a lot of medical marijuana patients are using cannabis to combat depression. Using cannabis is a more natural method and less addictive than any kind of pharmaceutical. It is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana. After signing my brother up for a legal weed prescription, the process was smooth and easy. The medical marijuana dispensary is nearby, welcoming, secure and modern. The budtenders have been great at recommending the right strains for my brother. They listened to how he feels and his preferences for consumption. My brother is a smoker so edibles and tinctures hold no appeal to him. He mainly smokes, vapes or dabs flowers and concentrates. He has tried cannabis oil here and there. His strains are typically high in THC since the effects help to boost his mood and relax him. His depression has been minimal since getting his medical weed prescription card. There have been points in his life when getting out of bed and going to work were nearly impossible for him. No, my brother just got promoted, is dating a great girl and gets together with the family every Saturday. I know the medical weed has changed his way of life for the better.


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