A wide variety of treatments with cannabis

Cannabis has often been accused of being a gateway thing. Those who speak out against marijuana like claim that anyone who tries it will soon turn to harder and more dangerous pills. The trust is that the majority of marijuna consumers don’t go on to other substances. A recent case study discovered that people who use hard drugs tend to first abuse alcohol and tobacco before going to something more potent. So, there is a lot of bad propaganda surrounding cannabis. As more and more success stories are told and new research is conducted, public opinion is gradually changing. We have gained that cannabis helps to alleviate pain in many sclerosis and works to control epileptic seizures. CBD is showing promise in stopping cancer cells from spreading! Endocannabinoid compounds in marijuana are effective in treating depression, alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and work to improve cognitive performance and concentration in those with ADHD. More and more doctors are prescribing cannabis to alleviate pain like with arthritis and to alleviate symptoms of Dravet syndrome. There is hope that the anti-inflammatories in endocannabinoids can fight the brain inflammation that causes Alzheimer’s disease. From Crohn’s disease to glaucoma and PTSD, weed is delivering relief, hope and better quality of life. It’s about time that this holistic plant be made readily available to those in need. While the two of us are still a long way from the necessary studies, legalization and acceptance, we are finally on the right track. For cannabis lovers like myself, we’ve waited a long while and it’s time to celebrate progress.


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