Cannabis is a major area of our lifestyle now

My spouse and I had to move into a mobile lifestyle when the coronavirus became an issue with our work and our lifestyle, but both my spouse and myself could not work at the restaurant.

Also I did not want to go to the factory everyday; They legitimately weren’t doing anything to help confrontation the virus, i did not assume that $12.50/hr is enough money to risk my family and my life, so my spouse and I figured out an alternative plan, where we sold our condo and used the cash to buy a recreational vehicle.

We don’t have any children, so it was simple for the two of us to option up and move. My mom and dad were very surprised and a little nervous to see myself and others leaving. I told them that the people I was with and I would come back to visit. My spouse and I thought a good endpoint for our first trip would be a place with legal cannabis. My spouse smokes pot to help with aches and pains from an outdated back injury. I smoke cannabis sometimes, but not every morning. Also, my spouse legitimately wanted to visit a state with legal cannabis and I thought it was a very wonderful system too. We drove 1700 miles to get to the west coast, but the people I was with and I finally wound up in a legal place to use cannabis. My spouse and I were surprised by the amount of legal items that they had for sale in the dispensary. They had a thousand different kinds of legal cannabis products… Some things I never even heard about enjoy cannabis gummy candies and chocolate bars with CBD. It was a neat experience to see the dispensary and all of these cannabis products for the first time.

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