Can’t do without my new holistic outlook on life

It’s taken me until I’m in my mid fifties to figure out that recreational marijuana is a very important component of life for a lot of people.

  • And now, one of those people is me.

It’s sort of hard to get my mind around that given how I once viewed recreational cannabis. I thought it was all just a bunch of hippies wasting their time. What I didn’t know was those hippies had it right all along. Those people were getting it done, working hard at their passions and all the while feeling good about themselves. Now I understand that a large part of that was the recreational weed. But the way I was raised, the very idea of using recreational marijuana was anathema. I would have been disowned. Even during college I abstained from using recreational marijuana because I bought into all the myths and lies. I can only imagine had I tried recreational weed back then, I might have enjoyed a much happier life. With CBD products and legal weed now available, I decided to see for myself. Wow, was I ever wrong about recreational marijuana. I now use legal weed that I get from the legal cannabis dispensary near me. I’m also using some of the CBD products for some inflammation and pain that I experience. All I know is that I am so delighted to have finally found an answer to my anxiety and problems with balance. Recreational weed is a really big part of that. And I am not ashamed one bit to admit it to anyone.

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