Competition is tough

The cute little neighborhood where I live has about 2 thoUSand people living here, & that’s including the surrounding farms! It’s a quiet place to live, & the people are almost always conservative, however also entirely kind & welcoming! That’s the reason I ended up moving back here after graduating, because I missed the people, even if it is a little boring, and every one of us don’t have a theater, even though I guess thanks to the pandemic it would be closed up anyway, right? They are still playing school athletic interests, however, because the people need some kind of entertainment.

Every one of us are getting our first cannabis dispensary soon, & that is something I have quite a few different feelings about, however so far, I have been the only source for top quality cannabis in the section ,and now I finally have competition.

There are other people that grow marijuana, however it’s low-end ditch weed, whereas our product is a tasty, well cultivated cannabis strain I have been growing for such a long amount of time. While I entirely much love the idea that a cannabis dispensary is coming here in theory, in practice it may put myself and others out of a job! I have yet to approach the corporation to ask them if they are looking for a reliable local cannabis grower, even though I need to do that soon. If I can stop selling to customers ,and sell all of my crops to the cannabis location, that would entirely save myself and others a lot of time & effort. Since this is pretty tiny town, everyone wants to hang out & chat when they buy cannabis from me, & it eats up a lot of our free time.


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