COVID Has Changed Some Things for the Better

There are aspects of COVID that are pure misery.

The whole people getting sick plus dying thing is a big letdown of coure.

Selfishly, I am sick of the virus because there are no fine movies out plus going anywhere fun isn’t undoubtedly possible. I also deal with reduced menus at local restaurants plus most of the bars are closed. There are things about COVID that are not at all bad, though. I used to run a ton of errands on Monday. Now I can just sit at beach house plus do it then. I can pick out groceries online to be delivered within multiple minutes. The delivery fee adds to the bill however I would pay anything not to go. I got our birth control online plus I did a virtual vet appointment a week or so ago. I enjoy that I don’t have to leave the beach house anymore. I used to have to drive quite a ways to the cannabis dispensary plus get our same products. I am loving marijuana delivery now. I would go into the legal weed shop, grab our strain, wait in line plus then drive all the way back after I pay. It would take myself and others quite a while just to get a few things. Now with COVID being a problem, the weed shop offers delivery. IN the Coovid era, now I can go online, option out our same strain plus somebody else has to make the long trip to deliver it.. I am way more of an impulse buyer now too. I have the time to browse the selection of edibles plus read the descriptions. I also save money on gas by getting the marijuana delivery instead of driving to the legal weed dispensary. It is just so much better.

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