Got freaked out by my first time

When I was in my freshman year of college, I tried marijuana for the first time.

It was a mistake trying weed with a seasoned marijuana user. My friend Donny had a bong that had a plastic bag over the top to capture the smoke. That apparatus apparently made the high come quicker, harder and last longer. Everyone who smoked through the bagged bong talked about how awesome it was. For someone who had never even smoked a joint or eaten a pot brownie, it was a nightmare. I got so high that it kind of scared me. I felt like my face was melting and I was skeptical of everyone at the party. I had not smoked weed since that party. Recently I have been dealing with chronic pain. My neck got injured in a car accident. It was recommended for me to try marijuana to reduce the inflammation in my neck. I really was afraid of being all weird and high again. Thankfully I decided to give the medical weed dispensary a chance. The budtender working there was great about listening to my worries and finding the product for me. He got me away from smoking flower and instead on cannabis oil. I got a vape that I take a few hits from in the morning and in the afternoon. The strain of weed isn’t too high in THC. I don’t feel much different except for a little calmer and looser. I love how my neck feels after smoking too. I am no longer afraid of weed and thinking that every strain is the same.


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