Local kids want to learn to grow pot

In the city, there is not a lot of space for horticulture.

I was lucky enough to be a well liked resident of a entirely sizable home building, and I got special permission to turn a corner of the rooftop into a little garden.

I wanted to grow fresh veggies that I could deliver to residents of the building… There can never be too several fresh vegetables if you ask me. It was going great, and still is going great, although I have a little conundrum on our hands. A few of the local teens asked myself and others to teach them to grow marijuana, and I’m not sure I am comfortable with that, and personally I see nothing wrong with marijuana, after all how can a naturally growing plant be wrong? At the same time, it might be legally problematic to teach underage youths how to grow their own marijuana plants, and might get myself and others kicked out of the building! Instead, I suppose I will teach them the basics of gardening and botany, lessons they can apply to marijuana grows if they so choose, although I won’t certainally mention that plant! Being able to grow plants is something that all people should know, and if they want to use that knowledge to grow marijuana plants in their closets then why should I let it stop me? Besides, the world is a dangerous venue, and kids are so heavily medicated these nights, marijuana is honestly a nicer, kinder alternative to the pills they are given. To me, marijuana is the ultimate herbal remedy.


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