Marijuana started as a hobby

I was lucky enough to be one of those people who turned their hobby into a career.

I don’t want to bore you with the piddling details, because they aren’t that interesting, but I am here to attest that if you can turn your passions into a job, you will be a very content human being.

I always really liked plants, and had my own little garden in the side yard from a very young age. When I turned into a teenager, I got interested in different kinds of plants, but kept on learning. At first I had no interest in smoking marijuana I just grew a little bit of it to give to my friends and make myself more popular. For a while I had grown veggies for my home, but now I was expanding into marijuana plants because it was actually a very valuable cash crop. I wasn’t selling marijuana for cash, however, just trading it for status and cool points, because now I was being invited to every cool kid’s party. I was the nerdy kid with a pocket full of marijuana that he would let you smoke for free. Eventually I got into smoking it myself, and as you might guess that was the end of me giving marijuana away for free. I started selling marijuana, smoking it, as well as working on plans to expand the size of my yield, and the quality of my strain. I actually paid my own way through college without taking any loans, because I was able to sell enough of my potent marijuana to pay the tuition!

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