The budtender got our order wrong

I dislike ordering at the counter when I go to the cannabis dispensary, but right now they aren’t letting anyone inside the building, then there has been a drastic Covid outcut in this neighborhood plus pretty much everyone is scared.

A lot of businesses are shut down completely plus the others are only offering maintenance outside of the building, and yesterday, the mayor ordered every restaurant to close the lobby plus the restrooms.

The grocery store had to be closed for cleaning itn the middle of the day. This is the first time that our little neighborhood has had a major scare, but it reminds us that even the small towns are not safe from Covid19. I went to the cannabis store to stock up for the weekend. It was payday plus I was looking to spend about $100 on cannabis supplies. I stepped up to the counter after waiting in line outside the dispensary for an tenth. I ordered more than 2 different types of marijuana flower plus more than 2 grams of GG#4 live resin. The GG#4 live resin was on sale for 15% off. The marijuana flower was a little pricey, even though I was glad with the strain selection. The dispensary usually has more than nine or twelve different kinds of flower, but they had so more than 2 lovely strains in stock that it was hard to pick just several, but when the budtender handed me the bag, I decided to double check the pleaseds before I left the window. It’s a fantastic thing that I looked, because none of the GG#4 live resin in the bag.

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