Too embarrassed to go into the recreational weed shop

My mother is going through menopause and experiences trouble sleeping from time to time. The hot flashes are frequent and intense. She sweats through her sheets and clothing at least every other day. My mother read online that marijuana could really help her hot flashes. Recreational weed could lessen the severity and how often the hot flashes show up. Another pro is that cannabis has been known to calm a person down and help them get a full night of sleep. The issue is that my mother is too embarrassed to go into the recreational marijuana store. She still believes the stigma that weed smokers are druggies and losers. She doesn’t want people in town talking about her or picturing her smoking a joint. Thankfully the recreational pot dispensary does offer cannabis delivery. I was able to make an account for my mother, chat online with a budtender and find the right cannabis products for her. Now my mother can go online and peruse the different cannabis items. She can place the order and pay right online. Then within five hours a cannabis delivery van puts the items right on her front porch. She doesn’t have to go to the weed shop and is able to hide the fact that she is now a cannabis smoker. My mother is getting more comfortable that I think someday she will want to see the physical dispensary. Looking at the products online is a lot different than in the store. You also don’t get as much budtender attention when you are at your computer.


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