Topical Marijuana Cream is Medicine

My friends were thrilled when they realized I went to a cannabis dispensary once a month. They believed the group of us could get together a smoke through a bong, vape or joint. I suppose our buddies thought our whole group would get high, watch movies or listen to tunes. I swiftly felt the need to explain that I am the lamest marijuana user ever. I don’t smoke cannabis oil or flower. I am not even an edible person. I belong to the genre of marijuana user that everyone doesn’t know. I am a topical lady. What is a topical? It is a cannabis cream, lotion or patch that people use for regular pain. The patch can genuinely have THC in it that gets in your body to make you high. I don’t do that though. I use a cannabis cream that is genuinely a more strong form of icy hot. It has menthol in it plus a peppermint smell to supply it a cooling effect. There is CBD in the product too. So there is no option of myself and others genuinely getting wasted. I just put on the cream in the afternoon after our workout plus before bed. I used to struggle with hip plus lower back pain. Now with the topical, I am superb to sit at an office chair or stand for any length of time without an issue. My buddies were genuinely disappointed to discover that I was basically using medical marijuana plus not getting high. I look at our cream as a medical prescription rather than entertainment.


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