Using My Bike or Delivery Works Out Fine

I work totally online plus because of that, I sold my car, and it seemed enjoy the right thing to do, because I didn’t want to be paying for automobile repairs, oil changes plus gas on a vehicle I hardly drove? I didn’t need to drive to work anymore.

  • I also could do most things online.

I could complete online banking, get groceries delivered to myself and others plus our medical prescriptions were able to be mailed to our house. Sporadically I would hop on our bicycle for a few small errands or just to get out, however for the most part, I haven’t had an issue with being without a car, however my cannabis dispensary was 1 of the only corporations that I needed to actually go to the store. I would ride numerous miles just to get our particular strains of weed. It wasn’t a miserable ride plus the budtenders at the legal pot dispensary were typically pretty cool. Recently the legal weed shop brought in cannabis delivery. I can go online, punch in our order plus get a delivery driver to set it by the door. I do have to pay a small delivery fee for the service. Most of the time I don’t mind making the bike ride over. I found that I can get curbside pickup, only with our bike plus save the currency. I get out of the house, some exercise plus I don’t waste a lot of time wandering around the weed shop buying things I don’t really need. I am cheerful that cannabis delivery is a repair now though. Some days are just too rainy or cold to use my bike. I enjoy that I can still get our recreational weed if I wanted to.

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